Alex the Polymath

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    Alex the Polymath, Junior Instructor at Athena's Advanced Academy
    Alex the Polymath at Athena’s

    Teaching gifted kids inspires me to dig deeper into each of the topics in my classes. Gifted kids’ questions often spark new connections that ignite me to dive further into the content I am teaching about in each of my classes. I must always be prepared to answer their challenging questions which keeps me on my toes!

    Alex the Polymath has had an intense interest in many topics of study that were peculiar as compared to his same-aged peers. In third grade, Alex decided he wanted to be homeschooled to pursue the many subjects that he feels strongly compelled to study: history, mathematics, geography, physics, and chemistry. He is also very motivated to study his favorite topics outside of formal instruction, just like some of his favorite historical polymaths: Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, and Marie Curie. For example, Alex participated in the US Geography Olympiad Nationals and the Youth Cross Country Nationals. Most recently he won first place in a local knowledge fair based on his presentation of the Rare Earth Metals of the Periodic Table.

    Alex was identified as a Davidson Young Scholar and achieved High Honors through Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. He is also a competent pianist, an advanced skier, an avid reader of classical literature, a lover of travel, and an intermediate expert in all things related to the Marvel Universe. At Athena’s Advanced Academy, Alex hopes to spread his enthusiasm for learning. He wants others to feel the same excitement he feels when learning new things and wants to encourage his students to make connections between multiple subject areas in a hope to contribute to the advancement of knowledge.

    Alex the Polymath is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Pennsylvania.

    Alex’s website & blog, A Fox’s Den, is a place designed for kids to share their academic passions online! The site is focused on kids teaching kids to provide a beneficial resource to all lovers of learning.

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