Amara the Anthropologist

    • Jr. Instructor’s Courses

    Amara the Anthropologist has a passion for human history, how we express ourselves and how we interact within our cultural context. An avid traveler with an ever-growing list of places she plans to explore, Amara has visited 17 countries and enjoys experiencing cultural diversity firsthand. While having a penchant for ancient cultures, Amara also keeps a keen eye on the future with an interest in Artificial Intelligence and how it will impact the human experience.

    At the age of 12, Amara took courses in Art History and Architecture at Columbia University in New York City. She continued her advanced studies in the following years taking a course in Urban Ecology at Barnard College and attending a seminar on Anthropology from New York University. An enthusiasm for the theatre led Amara to spend two terms in London, UK, taking drama classes at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama – her first term being when she was just 9 years old. Amara plans to continue her study of Anthropology at a University in the UK with future plans for a Master’s and Ph.D.

    “Humanity expresses itself in so many fascinating ways. From ancient pottery and jewelry to art, music and machines, from the mythological stories we create to the evolution of science, I love to study it all!” ~Amara the Anthropologist

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