Leah the Fashion Fan

    • Jr. Instructor’s courses
    Leah the Fashion Fan at Athena’s

    “Being a gifted learner myself, I think it’s awesome for me to have the opportunity to teach kids like myself. It helps to be able to think about how I would have liked a course to be structured, and implement that into my own courses.”

    Leah the Fashion Fan has always had many passions and loved sharing them with others. At about age 10 or 11, she became an avid reader. Some of her favorite books are the Harry Potter franchise, the Greenglass House series, Anne of Green Gables, and To Kill a Mockingbird.

    One of her major interests is fashion. Leah shares, “I love putting together outfits and learning about new styles. Historical fashion is something else that I love to learn about. I am often captivated by movie costumes, and love designing them in my head for literary characters.”

    After switching between several schools in elementary school, she was thrilled to see the number of opportunities that homeschooling offered. Leah was able to explore many more of her passions, including fashion.

    Now that Leah is a Junior Instructor, she is very excited to share that passion with other students at Athena’s!