Lillian the Junior Ranger

    • Jr. Instructor’s courses
    Lillian the Junior Ranger, Junior Instructor at Athena's Advanced Academy
    Lillian the Junior Ranger at Athena’s

    For the first six years of her life, she lived just outside of Badlands National Park where her mom was a park ranger. Her family moved to Chadron, Nebraska in 2016 and soon after, she became a Davidson Young Scholar.

    Lillian the Junior Ranger has been interested in the outdoors and National Parks for as long as she can remember. Over the years, she has completed many Junior Ranger programs and has enough badges to cover a hat and a vest.

    Lillian won the Nebraska Association for the Gifted scholarship in 2018 and used it to enroll in Prof. Suki’s writing course at Athena’s. She enjoys reading and writing and eagerly participates in writing workshops and contests whenever she has the opportunity.