Lyosha the Linguist

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    Lyosha the Linguist, Junior Instructor at Athena's Advanced Academy
    Lyosha the Linguist at Athena’s

    Lyosha the Linguist first became interested in linguistics by experimenting with languages and word-building. He has continued to explore this interest by reading multiple linguistics textbooks and excelling in classes at various universities, including Stanford, Berkeley, Princeton, and Brown. Linguistics is his passion, and he loves introducing it to others and sharing this underappreciated field. He is a member of the staff of one of the biggest online communities for language enthusiasts, ConWorkShop. Lyosha is a Davidson Young Scholar and has participated in the North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad (NACLO) for multiple years in a row.

    In his spare time, Lyosha enjoys creating naturalistic languages, traveling, playing table tennis and MTG, participating in Model UN, and eating cookies (except oatmeal ones). In the future, he plans to become a field linguist, someone who travels, documenting and preserving endangered languages, as well as assisting language revitalization efforts. He is extremely concerned about the loss of linguistic diversity around the world. One language ceases to be spoken every 40 days. Since without languages culture inevitably suffers, Lyosha hopes to try and do his part to slow down language extinction.