Oliver the Mathemagician

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    Math equations for Oliver the Mathemagician, Junior Instructor at Athena's Advanced Academy
    Oliver the Mathemagician at Athena’s loves to share information about math!

    Gifted students are so creative. I enjoy seeing the creativity and problem-solving. I enjoy watching gifted students use their creativity to solve problems. Their creativity inspires me!

    Oliver the Mathemagician is a Davidson Young Scholar who has completed most of Art of Problem Solving’s math courses, including Calculus.

    Oliver is a graduate of Epsilon Camp who completed all three years of the math camp. Oliver has participated in the MATHCOUNTS every year possible and advanced to the state level as an individual competitor. In his final year of MATHCOUNTS eligibility, Oliver coached the homeschool MATHCOUNTS team in online weekly practice sessions. Oliver enjoyed it so much that he wanted to do it again as a math club!