Tanmay the Tinkerer

    • Jr. Instructor’s courses
    Photo of Junior Instructor Tanmay the Tinkerer at Athena's
    Tanmay the Tinkerer at Athena’s

    “Whenever I learn anything, my first instinct is to try and share it with everyone – whether they are willing or unwilling! When it comes to gifted students, I find that they are always willing to devour new information, concepts, and ideas, and whenever I see an idea just ‘click’ for someone, it inspires me to keep learning, sharing, and teaching!”

    Tanmay the Tinkerer is a Davidson Young Scholar and Caroline D. Bradley Scholar who is passionate about math, computer science, accessibility, and education.

    He has attended the math camp Campersand for three years, and over the last three years has taken classes at Squares & Cubes, learning advanced math beyond the school curriculum. He has published two articles in the UK math magazine Chalkdust – a mathematical story about primes and an expository article about solving graph connectivity (whether a network is connected) with random walks on those graphs.

    In his spare time, he loves to read fantasy & sci-fi, rock climb, 3D print, cook food of varying tastiness, and play D&D!