Our Junior Presenter Seminars

Please note: Our Junior Presenters Seminars are separate from Junior Instructor Course Offerings.

Junior Presenters at Athena's

Gifted kids love to share their passions and make a difference. Our Junior Presenters are gifted young people with a desire to share information they are passionate about with others.

In our Junior Presenters Seminars, our Junior Presenters lead a 50-60 minute webinar filled with information to excite their peers. All of our Junior Presenters are current or former students of Athena’s Advanced Academy.

In addition, Junior Presenters choose a secular charity or non-profit that aligns with their subject matter and/or is important to them.

100% of the profits from the Junior Presenter seminars go to the Junior Presenter’s charity or non-profit of choice.

Group Junior Presenter

Welcome to Athena’s Junior Presenter Seminars!

Gifted kids love to share their passions and make a difference.
Join these amazing Athena’s kids as they share fascinating information about all kinds of topics and make a difference in the process!
  • Any student 17 years old and younger may attend, including those not registered at Athena’s.
  • Junior Presenter seminar webinars are monitored by an adult supervisor.
  • Junior Presenter seminar fees are non-refundable. These funds, minus applicable payment processing fees charged by 3rd party vendors, will be sent to the Junior Presenter’s charity or non-profit of choice.

Wings of Fire (WOF) Dragon Drawing – Mini-Series

Learn to draw Wings of Fire dragons!

In this seminar, you will learn the basics and techniques of drawing Wings of Fire (WOF) dragons.

We will cover four different dragon species and explore the separate styles and procedures for how to draw them.


  • Mon. June 13 – 12:00 PM Pacific
  • Tues. June 14 – 12:00 PM Pacific
  • Wed. June 15 – 12:00 PM Pacific
  • Thurs. June 16 – 12:00 PM Pacific

Junior Presenter: Irene the Dragon Lover
Live Seminar Profits: Razom for Ukraine
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All About Fashion – Mini-Series

Fashion is all around us; it may be a bigger part of your life than you think.

In this mini-series, come learn about:

  • Fast-fashion
  • The fashion industry
  • The basics of design
  • And more!  


  • Tues. June 14 – 2:00 PM Pacific
  • Fri. June 17 – 2:00 PM Pacific
  • Tues. June 21 – 2:00 PM Pacific
  • Fri. June 24 – 2:00 PM Pacific

Junior Presenter: Leah the Fashion Fan
Live Seminar Profits: Nova Ukraine
Click Here to Enroll: Junior Presenter Seminar Enrollment

Enroll: Junior Presenter Seminar Enrollment

Junior Presenter Single Seminars – 2022

June 13

10:00 AM

Kelp Forest Ecosystems

Learn about California kelp forest ecosystems and their impacts.
Each of the creatures affects the ecosystem in different interesting ways.

Junior Presenter: Bridget the Vaquita Lover
Charity: Sea Shepherd

June 14

10:00 AM

Cultural Diversity in Kids’ Media

Kids today have access to cartoons and movies that are culturally diverse and have a broader representation of people from racial and ethnic backgrounds. 
These are not the cartoons that our grandparents grew up with!  

Junior Presenter: Aydyn the Media Critic
Charity: Food Bank of Contra Costa County

June 15

1:00 PM

Dive into Improv Games and Skills

Improvisation is a fantastic skill to have; it is the skill of being able to act on the spot, no matter the situation!
Not only is improv useful, but it is also really fun!

Junior Presenter: Olivia the Improvisator
Charity: Southwest Humane Society

June 16

1:00 PM

Electric Tomatoes and Other Shocking Stories

Electricity is all around us, powering the computer that you are using to read these words! 
In this webinar, learn how electricity is essential to all living things, including tomatoes.

Junior Presenter: Kyle the Nature Lover
Charity: American Heart Association

June 16

3:00 PM

A History of the Universe: From 12 Billion BCE to Present

Have you ever wondered how the universe got to be how it is? 
I’ll answer that and more in The History of the Universe: 12 Billion BCE to Present.

Junior Presenter: Ethan the Astronomer
Charity: California Science Center

June 17

1:00 PM

Oscillating Oceans: California’s Ocean Ecosystem

Have you ever wondered about what goes on in California’s oceans, how animals live down there, and how our actions affect them?
Join us to understand what happens under the sea and learn how you can make good choices to protect ocean ecosystems.

Junior Presenter: Coco the Cup Coral
Charity: Monterey Bay Aquarium

June 21

1:00 PM

Backyard Birding: Identifying Common Birds by Region

Have you ever looked out the window and seen a bird, but did not know what it was?
This presentation will help you learn what types of birds you’re seeing, which helps you reduce stress and find joy.

Junior Presenter: Jack the Backyard Birder
Charity: The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

June 22

1:00 PM

Horses 101

Calling all horse-crazy kids: Ever wonder why horses pin their ears back or the difference between Show-Jumping and Dressage?
This presentation can answer all of your questions and more!

Junior Presenter: Elizabeth the Equine Enthusiast
Charity: Courtney Cares

June 23

10:00 AM

Intro to Fun Molecular Biology

Do you want to know about the blueprints of life? 
If so, join me for a peek into the world of molecular biology!

Junior Presenter: Alex the Chemical Wizard
Charity: International Host Connection

June 27

10:00 AM

A Deep Dive Into the Deep Sea

Angler fish, comb jellies, yeti crabs, sea pigs, ghoul sharks, and bryozoans – the creatures of the deep may look scary, or at least unnerving, but they are also really interesting if you know why they look the way they do! Explore the various environments of the midnight zone – such as seamounts, hydrothermal vents, open ocean, trenches, and the seafloor – as well as what lives there and how they have adapted to better suit their home. We will also learn about how humans get down to these depths and how they avoid being crushed by the water pressure.

Junior Presenter: Arden the Aquatic
Charity: Seaside Sustainability

June 28

10:00 AM

Odin’s Guide to the Modern World: The Norse Mythology Practiced Now

Do you know that the old Norse mythology is still practiced by people today? Is the modern media accurate in its depictions of the Norse religion? What are some of the traditions of modern practitioners?
In this seminar, you will not only learn the answers to these questions, but you will also learn about Norse mythology in culture today!

Junior Presenter: Beckett the Bringer of Ragnorok
Charity: Scandinavian Cultural Center

June 29

1:00 PM

Cryptic Codes and Psychic Ciphers: An Introduction to Cryptography

Cryptography is all around us―it is the very key enabling email, ATM, web browsing, security cameras, ID protection, you name it.
From the Caesar cipher to the Enigma machine, learn about the codes that have built the backbone of our society as it is today.

Junior Presenter: Jason the Mathematician
Charity: Julia Robinson Mathematical Festival

June 30

10:00 AM

The World of German Shepherds

Do you want to learn more about this popular pet?
If so, this class is what you’ve been looking for!

Junior Presenter: Avery the Animal Queen
Charity: Greater California German Shepherd Rescue

July 1

9:00 AM

War and Wisdom: Norse Mythology

You may wonder how a small population of people in a harsh environment became known across the world as such fierce warriors and brave explorers.
In this seminar, you will learn about Norse mythology and how it influenced Viking life and history.

Junior Presenter: Wells the Norseman
Charity: Komodo Survival Program

July 6

1:00 PM

All About World War II

Have you ever wondered how or why World War II started, what countries were involved and how it affected the world?
Come and join Athena’s Junior Presentation, All About World War II, to find out!

Junior Presenter: Talmage the General
Charity: Feeding America

July 13

1:00 PM

Spark Your Storytelling Style

Get ready to dive into a session chockfull of storytelling adventures!
In this seminar, you will have fun with different writing styles and decide which one is “write” for you!

Junior Presenter: Nova the Whimsical Bookworm
Charity: Project Kesher – Supporting Ukrainian Women

July 13

2:00 PM

Welcome to Our Outstanding Oceans!

Description coming soon!

Junior Presenter: Avalon the Coral Lover
Charity: Oceana

July 15

8:00 AM

Our Universe

Have you ever wondered what’s outside our Earth? Are we alone in the Universe?
Come, let’s explore our Universe together!

Junior Presenter: Nivethaharinee the Universe Lover
Charity: Feeding America

Group Junior Presenter Girls

Although Athena’s 2021 Junior Presenter Seminar Series has ended, Junior Presenter seminar recordings from the past are available for Athena’s registered students!

Athena’s Registered Students: Follow the steps watch one of the seminar recordings below.

  • Click the desired link below after logging in.
  • Parents pay a donation of $5.00.
  • Watch the recording within 30 days of the donation.
  • Beginning summer 2021, profits from the recordings go to GHF: Gifted Homeschoolers Forum to support the work they do for Athena’s families.*
  • Live seminar profits go to the Junior Presenter’s charity of choice.*

Together we raised $473.93 in 2021, bringing the grand total raised to $1,465.04 since 2018!

100% of the Profits from the Live Seminars went to the Presenter’s Charity of Choice.
100% of the Profits from the Recordings go to GHF: Gifted Homeschooler’s Forum

Thank you for your support!

Junior Presentations & Links

American Third Parties: A History of Perennial Candidates and Defying the Mainstream


The United States’ two-party system has often been considered flawed for being incredibly rigid on political ideology. If you are a liberal, you should vote Democratic, and if you are a conservative, you should vote Republican. But it isn’t as simple as that.

In this seminar, we look at and discuss the history and present of American third parties, both absurd and legitimate, who participated in American elections, as well as how those parties have affected the present-day American political climate.

Junior Presenter: Luke the Government Guru
Live Seminar Profits: UNDP (United Nations Development Program) 
Seminar Recording: American Third Parties: Junior Presenter Seminar Recording

Birds are Important, Yet Threatened by Our Actions: Here’s How We Can Help – Save the Birds!

Birds Are Important

Birds bring so much entertainment and beauty to our lives, and they are also extremely important in the ecosystem. Yet we may not realize how we are harming them every day, and the bird population is decreasing dramatically!

Learn more about this and how to save the birds in this seminar.

Junior Presenter: Skye the Brilliant Birder
Live Seminar Profits: American Bird Conservancy
Seminar Recording: Save the Birds: Junior Presenter Seminar Recording

Building Collaborative Writing Relationships

Let’s write! Accessing creative skills whilst working with others to tell stories is a useful and fun ability with lifelong applications.

In this seminar, we cover the basics of how to write with others to create shared worlds with strong characters in an environment that fosters collaboration. 

Junior Presenter: Gabriella the Writer
Live Seminar Profits: Feeding America
Seminar Recording: Building Collaborative Writing Relationships: Junior Presenter Seminar Recording

Chicken & Rabbit Care

Every year, animals are given as gifts or bought without understanding what care they require. Many of these animals are abandoned; they either die or end up in shelters.

You can make a difference by learning how to properly take care of bunnies and chicks, especially if you decide to adopt your own. Bunnies and chicks aren’t just cute and fluffy: learn to give them the care they deserve!

Junior Presenter: Leah the Animal Protector
Live Seminar Profits: Clorofil & The House Rabbit Society
Seminar Recording: Chicken & Rabbit Care: Junior Presenter Seminar Recording

Choosing Orangutans Over Oreos: How to Become a Responsible Consumer

Learn how to help save the rainforest through simple choices!

Pangaea Finn, founder of the Orangutan Gang, presents on rainforest destruction and ways to help.

Junior Presenter: Pangaea the Rainforest Activist
Live Seminar Profits: Orangutan Foundation International
Seminar Recording: Choosing Orangutans Over Oreos: Junior Presenter Seminar Recording

Climate Change and Ocean Pollution: Causes, Effects, & Solutions

You may have heard about climate change and ocean pollution, two huge threats that our Earth is facing.

In this seminar, you will learn about how exactly they are caused, how human actions are contributing to their impact, and how we can reverse their effects.

Junior Presenter: Marisa the Environmental Advocate
Live Seminar Profits: Oceana
Seminar Recording: Ending Systemic Racism in the Land of Equal Opportunity Seminar Recording

Ending Systemic Racism in the Land of Equal Opportunity

We think of America as the land of equal opportunity. Yet, how can you have equal opportunity when systemic racism has infiltrated our law enforcement, government, and justice system? For years, we have done the bare minimum to end systemic racism. Now, we must speak up and be antiracists together.

In this seminar, learn about how we can end systemic racism and create a future in which Black lives can not only survive, but thrive.

Junior Presenter: Marisa the Racial Justice Advocate
Live Seminar Profits: Black Lives Matter
Seminar Recording: Ending Systemic Racism in the Land of Equal Opportunity Seminar Recording

Exotic Pets or Environmental Pests: Making Ethical Pet Choices

Have you ever thought about getting an exotic pet? There are things to thoughtfully consider before becoming a pet parent.

In this seminar, we discuss 5-6 popular exotic pets and whether they should be brought into your home or not; the problems with the exotic pet trade and how this relates to the current pandemic; and the problems with releasing unwanted exotic pets into the wild. Learn about these exotic pets!

Junior Presenter: Coco the Concerned Protector of Pets
Live Seminar Profits: World Animal Protection
Seminar Recording: Exotic Pets or Environmental Pests: Junior Presenter Seminar Recording

Explore Rube Goldberg Machines!

Come learn how to bust your summer boredom with… Rube Goldberg Machines!!!

We’ll learn about the genius Mr. Rube Goldberg, simple machines, and fun ways to complete simple tasks in very complicated ways!

Junior Presenter: Blake the STEM Enthusiast
Live Seminar Profits: Rube Goldberg, Inc.
Seminar Recording: Explore Rube Goldberg Machines: Junior Presenter Seminar Recording

Fostering Kittens

Do you want to watch a kitten grow and develop its own personality? Have you ever bottle-fed a kitten?

If you want to learn how to have that opportunity, then sign up for the Fostering Kittens seminar!

Junior Presenter: Kelsey the Feline Rescuer
Live Seminar Profits: SPCA Florida
Seminar Recording: Fostering Kittens: Junior Presenter Seminar Recording

The History of Everything

A journey through 13.8 billion years of history, from the origins of the universe to the emergence of life and the dawn of human civilization, through the present day and beyond.

This one-of-a-kind seminar will cover the history of everything, presented through eight fundamental thresholds. Join us to zoom in on the tiniest molecules and ask the biggest questions about life, the universe, and the origins of everything.

Junior Presenter: Iris the Cosmophile
Live Seminar Profits: The Friends of the Earth
Seminar Recording: The History of Everything: Junior Presenter Seminar Recording

Learn all about the life of William Shakespeare!

“Et tu, Brute?”

“To be, or not to be. That is the question…”

Have you heard these phrases? Have you ever wondered where they are from? Do you love drama, comedy, romance, and fighting?

Come and learn about one of the most well-known writers of all time and about a few of his most famous works!

Junior Presenter: Shifra The Literature Lover
Live Seminar Profits: The Seeing Eye
Seminar Recording: Learn all about the life of William Shakespeare!: Junior Presenter Seminar Recording

Learn All About PCR!

PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), the gold standard for Covid testing! It also serves us in many other applications in our life, such as keeping our water clean and helping detectives to fight crimes. Some of these technologies could be done not only in the laboratory but also at home!

Let’s learn about all of this during our seminar!

Junior Presenter: Sophia the Science Lover
Live Seminar Profits: The Oakland Zoo
Seminar Recording: Learn All About PCR!: Junior Presenter Seminar Recording

LEARN how to EARN and CHANGE the world for the BETTER

Have you ever thought about starting a business or making a change in this world?

Come learn more about entrepreneurship and how to make a positive impact on this world!

Junior Presenter: Anaiya & Shyla the Kid Entrepreneurs
Live Seminar Profits: Pets In Need
Seminar Recording: LEARN how to EARN and CHANGE the world for the BETTER: Junior Presenter Seminar Recording

LGBTQ+ People: Past, Present, and Future

Are you curious about LGBTQ+ people, issues, and history? Join students from Prof. Suki’s Rainbow Room to learn more.

Students will present about famous people from history, the struggles of LGBTQ+ people throughout history, current activists, and the future of LGBTQ+ identity. Please join us!

Junior Presenter: Rainbow Room Presenters
Live Seminar Profits: The Trevor Project
Seminar Recording: LGBTQ+ People: Past, Present, and Future Seminar Recording

Light Pollution: The Problem, the Science, and the Fix.

For over 300,000 years, humans and wildlife have shared the same dark skies, but within the last century, the irresponsible use of Artificial Light at Night (ALAN) has polluted our skies causing an unhealthy environment for all. Today, less than 20% of Americans can even see the Milky Way, let alone enjoy the wonders of a truly dark sky.

Learn the science and simple steps on how we can bring back the night and a healthy environment for all life on earth!

Junior Presenter: Kodiak the Astro-Nerd
Live Seminar Profits: International Dark-Sky Association
Seminar Recording: Light Pollution – Save Our Stars: Junior Presenter Seminar Recording

*Please note that the participant fee received for Junior Presenter seminars is non-refundable. These funds, minus applicable payment processing fees charged by 3rd party vendors, will be sent to GHF for the recordings and the Junior Presenter’s charity or non-profit of choice for the live seminars.

To become a Junior Presenter, please sign up in the corresponding section in the Social Center at Athena’s in the spring!