Dr. Joy L. Navan

    Dr. Joy is on sabbatical. Stay tuned for Dr. Joy’s return!

    Joy L. Navan, Ph.D., is a professor emeritus of Murray State University, where she taught graduate courses in Gifted Education. As a former public school educator, Dr. Navan has experience teaching gifted students in the classroom and currently serves as a consultant for parents of gifted children. She holds a Master’s degree in Spanish and has taught Spanish in the classroom, in private schools and online.

    Dr. Navan has written numerous academic and community articles regarding the nature and needs of gifted individuals and she is the author of Nurturing the Gifted Female: A Guide for Educators and Parents. She is currently writing a book on the needs of gifted elders.

    Dr. Joy Navan also writes a blog called On Gifted Elders.