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    Dr. Kim Carpiuc at Athena’s

    Gifted children often have exceptional abilities, interesting perspectives, and a voracious appetite for knowledge. They are curious, creative, and eager to learn new things, with the ability to easily grasp and engage in many different topics. Their insightful perspectives make for interesting and stimulating classroom discussions, and it encourages those around them to want to learn more!

    Dr. Kim Carpiuc is a health outcomes, pharmacoeconomics, and epidemiology research consultant and medical writer, with nearly 20 years of experience in various health areas including hematology/oncology, cardiovascular disease, pediatric ophthalmology, and rare genetic disease in children. She studied Biochemistry/Cell Biology at UC San Diego in college, and then went on to get an M.P.H. in Epidemiology at Tulane, an M.S. in Physiology/Biophysics from Georgetown, and eventually returned to San Diego to get her Ph.D. in Public Health Epidemiology.

    Her introduction to giftedness and homeschool education came when her own profoundly gifted children’s needs were not being fully met in the local schools. Dr. Kim became a facilitator for the SENG Parent Model Group and has volunteered as a coach in various programs including First Lego League, MATHCOUNTS, and National History Day. She enjoys working with gifted kids and helping them keep their love of learning and discovery alive in ways that are challenging yet fun. She has also been the Event Supervisor for the Regional Science Olympiad in the Disease Detectives category since 2013.

    She has always wanted to give back to Athena’s for providing a space for her own homeschooled kids and others like them, and is so excited to share her knowledge now as an instructor!

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