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    Dr. Kirsten Stein, founder, director, and instructor at Athena's Advanced Academy
    Dr. Kirsten Stein at Athena’s

    Hello! My name is Dr. Kirsten Stein, founder of Athena’s Advanced Academy. Athena’s families know me as Dr. Kirsten. Athena’s is a place that helps parents like you educate their gifted children and helps gifted students like yours make discoveries, be challenged, and learn!

    As you know, there are challenges in educating gifted children. Educating my profoundly gifted children was no exception. They were not being challenged in their schooling environment–to the point where my oldest child started to become clinically depressed in kindergarten because she wasn’t learning. I felt desperate and didn’t know where to turn.

    I created Athena’s to help my children and others like them–to cultivate their love of learning and create a community of kids who could relate to each other, gifted children like yours.

    Learn more about Dr. Kirsten & Educational Success Coaching by visiting her website: https://DrKirstenStein.com/

    Amazing families over many years have sent heartfelt messages about the help and support their students have received from Athena’s along their educational journey. I would like to share (with permission) one such message. I am certain you will find it as touching as I do.

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    About Dr. Kirsten as a Professional:

    Kirsten L. Stein, Ed.D. is known for her passion for teaching gifted students. This passion was her doctoral focus in earning her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and her reason for founding Athena’s Advanced Academy, Inc. For over three decades, Dr. Kirsten has been involved in the field of education. After receiving her B.S. in Education, Dr. Kirsten taught in the public school system and earned her M.A. in Education degree with a focus on team building. She spearheaded the school district’s involvement in inclusion practices and the use of paraprofessionals in the classroom.

    Dr. Stein shifted her focus to online education while homeschooling her two children. From there, she founded Athena’s Advanced Academy, Inc., where she serves as C.E.O., instructor, and educational coach. Dr. Stein attained her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership to further expand her passion for bringing people together to meet the educational needs of learners while creating supportive learning environments online, in person, and in individual households.

    “I love how much my daughter looks forward to her webinars -for every Athena’s course. She tries to never miss one. She thrives on the interaction with other students and she always enjoys her time with Dr. Kirsten. I believe that she received the most information from the webinars and the additional information posted by Dr. Kirsten in the class. Dr. Kirsten’s positive energy is contagious. I love to hear her happy voice whenever I am nearby during the webinars. I know that her bright approach keeps [my daughter] interested and I love that I hear her laugh often during classes!”
    Parent Amanda D.
    I dedicated this medal to Dr. Kirsten.
    She is always there, helping us to reach our full potentials. She also gladly resolves any questions or concerns we might have.
    Dr. Kirsten dedicates so much of her time to creating new, interesting, and fun activities, forums, and assignments for us to do, and works so hard to make sure we are all enjoying, learning, and benefiting from our Athena’s courses.
    For these reasons, I think that she more than deserves a medal to be dedicated to her
    Student Ruby

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