Dr. Tanya Hughes

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    Prof. Tanya Hughes, instructor at Athena's Advanced Academy
    Dr. Tanya Hughes at Athena’s

    “Gifted students are often thinking for themselves, coming up with their own ways of seeing things and coming up with a lot of questions! That makes it more challenging for a teacher, but turns the conversation into a two-way street, which is wonderful!”

    Hi, I’m Dr. Tanya Hughes, Ph.D. I studied physics at Caltech and UCSC. I have taught in a variety of settings over the years: high school physics and math, physics at San Jose State University, as a homeschool mom to 3 gifted kiddos, and physics and math at William Jessup University. I have also done private tutoring for many years, and had a stint as a computer programmer.

    One of my favorite things to say is “Everybody’s different.” I believe the variations in people’s minds far outweigh the variations in our bodies. People are so unique, and it’s exciting to me to see how other people view and process the world. We are so unique, and yet we can come to common understandings. That process of sharing, discussing, and sorting through ideas together is fascinating to me.

    I love helping each student understand things on their own terms. I love building shared understanding in the classroom. And I love hanging out with other fellow gifted learners because we share this joy in ideas.

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