Prof. Lidiya Gettya

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    Prof. Lidiya Gettya, instructor at Athena's Advanced Academy
    Prof. Lidiya Gettya at Athena’s

    I enjoy teaching gifted kids because of their love of learning and contagious curiosity. Some days I feel like I learn from my students more than they learn from me. I am so grateful that my students are so insightful and constantly give me different perspectives in any discussion. 

    Teaching gifted kids is inspiring and humbling. They are my daily reminder that “the more you know the more you understand that you don’t know anything” (unknown quote). They inspire me to keep learning and stay curious. 

    Gifted kids always keep me on my toes! Gifted kids inspire me to not only be their teacher on a particular subject but their mentor in life and learning. 

    Lidiya Gettya began her teaching career in 2005 as a teacher assistant at Iowa State University while working on her Accounting, Piano, and International Business degrees. She really enjoys teaching kids whether it’s preparing them for ACT/SAT, teaching high school math, or teaching proper piano technique.

    In 2014 her oldest daughter was identified as gifted, changing Lidiya’s focus to gifted education. She received SENG certification and helped organize a group of parents of gifted kids in Olathe, KS. At this moment, Lidiya’s focus stays on gifted education, pushing the kids to reach their potential while inspiring them to rise up to challenges.

    On the weekends, Lidiya teaches Russian to bilingual kids in Russian-speaking communities as well as plans and organizes many youth events in the community. Her goal as a gifted educator is to provide quality education while teaching kids motivational, social, and emotional skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

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