Prof. Lisa Billa

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    Prof. Lisa Billa, instructor at Athena's Advanced Academy
    Prof. Lisa Billa at Athena’s

    I love the excitement for learning that gifted students have. I love their humor and the surprising connections they come up with. It’s always interesting! 

    I enjoy helping students create powerful writing and put their ideas into language to inspire others. Writing is fun for me, and I love when kids can see themselves as writers as well as readers. They have great ambition, and nonstop ideas, and put so much passion into what they create. 

    I’m often amazed by the interesting approaches gifted kids take, and their creativity is contagious! I also appreciate their readiness to share thoughts and generosity in encouraging others.

    Lisa Billa’s lifelong passions include reading, creative writing, and working with young people. After studying English and psychology at Amherst College, with a focus on child development, she earned an MSW from the University of Minnesota. She has held clinical and leadership roles in nonprofit youth programs and, as a parent, continued to follow her interests in arts and education through classroom volunteer work. She has also advocated for gifted education as a member of her district’s GATE advisory committee. Lisa has experience with a wide range of educational settings and learning styles and discovered Athena’s during her family’s homeschool journey. A writer of fiction and poetry for children, she is dedicated to creating engaging literature, inspiring readers, and encouraging young writers.

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