Prof. Patrick Stein

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    Cars driving through a tunnel for Patrick the Transportation Guide, Junior Instructor at Athena's Advanced Academy
    Patrick the Transportation Guide at Athena’s is excited to share information about transportation!

    Patrick the Transportation Guide is a Davidson Young Scholar who has always loved learning about roads and transportation. His favorite early childhood activities included memorizing maps and observing traffic. He graduated from high school with honors through a charter school, homeschool, and online courses at the age of 14.

    Patrick is currently attending community college where he passed his Introduction to Transportation Management and Logistics course with an A.

    Patrick also enjoys learning about chemistry and physics and is pursuing a double major in Chemistry and Applied Physics. He is always looking for opportunities to apply physical sciences to the world of transportation and is passionate about sharing the intricacies of transportation with others.

    In his free time, Patrick enjoys keeping up with road construction, reading Driver’s Education manuals from different states, perusing maps, writing comedic stories, and playing on the Athena’s Minecraft™ Servers.