Jack’s Athena’s Testimonial

    I am an unexpected homeschooling mom and your classes were [her] first online classes. At first I was very wary that they (really anything online) would be a reasonable solution for her, but they ended up being an overwhelming success.  [Your classes] made me realize I can do this whole homeschooling thing…at least for now 🙂
    Parent R.W.
    Thanks for running Athena’s – you guys are my refuge as I homeschool my 2 PGs!
    Parent A. C.
    It’s clear to me that [my daughter’s] experience at Athena’s is only one of two unqualifiedly successful educational experiences she has had. I wish I could just leave her in your hands all the time.
    Parent A.S.
    The instructors were very positive and cheerful and encouraging in all ways to the students. I found it easier to relax when my child was in the classroom because I felt the instructors were more understanding and accepting of the particular qualities linked to giftedness…[like] dyslexia, dysgraphia, etc.
    Parent K.B.
    Athena’s was an amazing find for us…He did other online classes, but his weekly hour at Athena’s was his favorite. He really loved his teacher and enjoyed the interaction with other kids in the virtual classroom, which is missing from many online classes. But most importantly, he was engaged intellectually. I highly recommend Athena’s Advanced Academy for highly gifted homeschoolers who want to interact in “class” with gifted students like themselves.
    Parent C.O.
    It was smart and fun! Every week there was great homework, and extra that was cool too! I will definitely be sign up for more classes!
    Student Z.A.
    I would like to thank you for helping us in raising our daughter through these years.
    Parent A.C.
    Athena’s Gifted Academy is the highlight of our homeschooling!  The classes are engaging and high quality.  My daughter has expressed time and again how much she enjoys it and how much she is learning.  The delivery of the classes and content has worked superbly for my 2e daughter.  I love that the live classes are delivered in such a way that it is accessible yet intelligent.  And, I also love the variety of assignments since they allow us to pick ones that either we have not covered yet in regards to a certain area or skill, or that are of interest like doing a fun art project that relates back to the main subject.  As a busy homeschooling mom, I feel like I am on a great team with Athena’s which allows me to have a nice balance, meanwhile my daughter is thriving and has a love of learning.  We are both so pleased!
    Parent S. E.
    She has loved her experiences with you at Athena’s. They have been the perfect transition from the classroom…She has felt that the Athena’s environment is the best of both worlds; she can still learn with experts and true peers in a classroom, but doesn’t have to spend so many hours of her day to get that experience. She is free to move at her own pace and to pursue other passions and activities with the many hours that have been freed up by being able to learn at home and with Athena’s.
    Parent K.H.
    What I especially liked about the course was how the teacher presented the information in the webinars. It was all very easy to understand. I also liked the activities and the friends.
    Student N.E.
    It was by chance that we found Athena’s in our first fledgling month of homeschooling — and we thank our lucky stars! Now in our second year, Athena’s has become the backbone of our curriculum. Not only are the academic classes interesting, challenging and thought-provoking, the community we’ve found is so warm and welcoming. In fact, my 8-year-old has decided to forgo a couple of in-person classes because he can’t stand the thought of missing Athena’s!
    Parent D.W.
    So grateful for Athena’s!! Truly, this will be one of the things we will miss about homeschooling. Your courses and the connections provided were a stabilizing factor academically, as well as emotionally, for both [of my children], especially the last two years through the pandemic.
    Parent A.H.
    [My daughter] loved [her classes] and was so excited and interested in the at-home activities that she got started right away after class and worked on them over the weekend. She really loved how the activities were broken down so she could better prioritize her time (she is in 8th grade and we are juggling a lot of different outsourced classes as well as our home-taught subjects). It also really helps me as a homeschooling parent to teach her study skills when the learning activities are broken down in a way that makes it easier to plug things into our schedule. Thank you for offering such wonderful classes!
    Parent A.P.
    We are so grateful for Athena’s. Athena’s has truly brought such connections into the lives of my children. Thank you!
    Parent C. S.
    I love everything about Athena’s, and I am so glad I enrolled!!
    Student S. T.
    Just had our first parent-teacher conference for [our son] for OHS. He couldn’t be doing any better. Thanks for helping give him a great foundation for Stanford Online High School!
    Parent P. R.
    He has really enjoyed the class. It’s the only one he hasn’t complained about attending and he was so proud of himself that he read the whole book. Thank you for providing this opportunity for him.
    Parent M. T.
    Athena’s classes have been so awesome and I can’t wait for my daughter to be ready to enroll as well!
    Parent K. P.
    We are enjoying Athena’s immensely. [My son] has even chosen to forgo in-person classes next session to take these two classes. We are so grateful to have found you!
    Parent D. W.
    There are so many choices – If Athena’s was a building, I think [my daughter] would move right in. Ha!
    Parent J. D.
     I just thought about sending you a thank you note for teaching [my son] this spring. It’s our first online class experience, and I just couldn’t thank you enough for creating this positive environment for gifted children have special learning needs. He has had so much fun in your classes. You are truly an answered prayer to our family. 
    Parent C. B. W.
     We’re back!! I wish now we had done more Athena’s classes instead of enrolling back in public school.  But your amazing classes did help our path and now we know how great online can be! Thank you so much for what you do!!!! 
    Parent L. G.