Athena’s Quill Goes Online!

    by Devon S., Athena’s student

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    Athena’s student, Devon, shares exciting information about Athena’s Quill, Athena’s literary journal created by Athena’s students!

    Read more about what makes Athena’s Quill so unique!

    Thank you, Devon!

    Athena’s Quill, the twice-annual literary journal featuring work from Athena’s creative writing students, is now hosted in a new form!

    Previously, the Quill was available as a PDF released once per semester. Now, the new issues of the journal will be posted to its official website,!

    Each page on the website contains the text of a student’s story or poem, as well as a complimentary image provided by the author or other students. Visitors can search through the submissions by year, semester, and class. In addition, a gallery of student art accompanying the stories is available to view.

    The Fall 2022 release was the first issue to be published in this new format, while other versions of the journal dating to Spring 2021 are uploaded to the classroom site as PDFs.

    “I love that Athena’s Quill gives our writers a way to share their work,” says Professor Suki, who teaches some of the writing classes featured in the journal.

    “It’s inspiring to feel like you have an audience! The new web format is so much more flexible than the old format. Each teacher can add classes whenever they want, so eventually we could have even more classes contributing to it.

    “I also love seeing the artwork that some of the students make. Even students who don’t consider themselves artists can be inspired to make a visual representation of what they see in their story.”

    Athena's Quill at Athena's Advanced Academy

    In addition to submissions by WriteNOW, Writer’s Workshop and Writer’s Lab students, the Quill also welcomes writing by two new classes this semester: Poetry Party!, taught by Professor Lisa, and Write and Publish a Book, taught by Professor Valerie.

    “Athena’s Quill is such a fun and satisfying way to wrap up our writing semester!” says Professor Lisa. “Every week, WriteNOW Workshop and Writer’s Lab students share new work. Each student’s writing is so unique, and now the Athena’s community gets a look at what these creative and talented writers have been doing!

    “This semester’s issue also features work from writers in our new Poetry Party class, experimenting with varied subjects and forms. I’m always delighted by the surprises they create, and I’m happy that others will have an opportunity to enjoy these pieces!”

    The Spring 2023 edition of Athena’s Quill is expected to be released on May 15th. Be sure to check out the new website, and look forward to the journal’s next issue!

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