Athena’s Quill ~ Spring 2023 Edition!

    by Alexa M., Athena’s student

    Quill, Athena's, & AHA's logos for Athena's Quill

    Athena’s student, Alexa, shares exciting information about Athena’s Quill, Athena’s literary journal created by Athena’s students!

    Read more about what makes this semester’s Athena’s Quill so unique!

    Thank you, Alexa!

    Athena’s Quill, the twice-annual literary journal featuring work from Athena’s creative writing students, is now up for Spring 2023! Professor Suki, who teaches some of the writing classes that participate in the Quill says, “I love that Athena’s Quill gives our writers a way to share their work. It’s inspiring to feel like you have an audience!”

    That’s not all. While the Quill used to be published in a PDF, it now has a new website you can check out that has individual pages with images for each student’s writing, for both the new works from this Spring and the ones from Fall 2022. You can also check out the PDFs from Spring 2022, Fall 2021, and Spring 2021. All of this can be found here!

    As per usual, the students of Writer’s Lab, a course for students who enjoy writing and want to seek out kindred spirits, have participated in the Quill with pieces such as “Magic Mystery: A Fantasy Satire” by Genevieve O.  This piece follows the adventures of Miracle Avery, a teenage girl who is going to Magic Mystery, a school that, according to the principal, is safer than most, but is that really true?

    Writer’s Teen Lab is a course for teens of all skill levels who write in a teens-only environment so as to have the freedom to explore the topics that concern them. Once Sarah, a student of the class, described it as, “Teen Writer’s Lab: where chaos and greatness are one and the same.” This great and chaotic class will also be participating in the Quill as usual. One story by Writer’s Teen Lab student Lily Miranda is “Everyone’s Crowded Thoughts about Emmy,” a girl who can’t sort out her own thoughts or hear other people talk, but as for their thoughts…

    These classes are joined by WriteNOW Workshop, a class for reluctant and avid readers to write fluidly.  This class helps writers get their thoughts out, without the censoring influence of being corrected, through writing short prose and poetry in an interactive environment. One Zoe P. wrote “Frog: Another Dream in the Collection,” a scene between two people and a frog enjoying a moment while dreaming about the future.

    This is all par for the course for Athena’s Quill, but we have exciting news: another class is now also adding writing to the Quill. Poetry Party, a celebration of new and old poetic forms where students play with language, create and share new work, and practice some of the techniques that make poetry pleasing, has participated in the Spring 2023 Quill. There is a page celebrating works by Spring Poetry Party students, along with more specific pages showing the works of individual students, such as Lemony W. with the poems “The Sunset Pier” and “The Life of a Snail.”

    As ever, Athena’s Quill is an excellent opportunity to see the creative achievements of Athena’s many writers. I hope you decide to check it out!

    Quill, Athena's, & AHA's logos for Athena's Quill

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