Bryozoan Speaks

    By Arden S. H., Athena’s Student

    Arden is taking Philosophy of Science with Prof. Emma and would like to share this amazing creation!

    Arden says, “I needed a charismatic photo of a bryozoan for a forum response I wrote, and I figured that avicularia are the most charismatic zooids, as they have those cute little beaks. I found this image online, from the article: “Nine New Species of Bugula Oken (Bryozoa: Cheilostomata) in Brazilian Shallow Waters” Vieira, et al. 2012. I thought that it sort of looked like it was having a short conversation, so I wrote one.”

    Check out Arden’s hilarious meme below. Amazing work, Arden!

    Arden S. H.'s bryozoan speech meme
    Arden S. H.’s bryozoan speech meme!

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