Cat Island

    by Flora, Athena’s Student 

    We have so many amazing projects and presentations being shared in our classes! Sometimes students want to share with those outside Athena’s virtual walls.

    Flora, one of Athena’s students, would like
    to share her project with you!

    This presentation is about the cat island, Aoshima. It is mainly focused on the cats of Aoshima island. Aoshima island has over 100 cats! Even though there are a lot of cats, there aren’t a lot of humans living on the island. When a source from a few years ago was written, there were only 9 residents left on the island. One of the residents was even about to leave. The cats entirely depend on the residents for food.

    Click on the video to find out more! 🙂

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    1. Wow, this was really cool! It is really interesting how cats were brought for the rodent problem and now there is a cat problem! I loved the photo of the cat leaping. They really are desperate for food! Thank you for this video. I never knew about this island!

    2. Cool video! I didn’t know there were only a couple people there. I wonder how the cats will adapt if all the people leave.

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