Dear Parents and Legal Guardians,

    This open notice or letter is in accordance with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and outlines our practices regarding children’s personal information. Through COPPA, United States Federal Law requires organizations like Athena’s Advanced Academy, Inc. (“Athena’s”) to obtain parental or legal guardian consent to collect, use, or disclose personal data or information for or from any users under 13. In order for Athena’s to provide the most effective services and avenues of communication with your student, Athena’s would like to collect personal information about and from your student. Athena’s requires parental or legal guardian consent for the collection, use, and disclosure of your student’s information.

    Personal Data/Information Collected by Athena’s
    To provide Athena’s Services, Athena’s collects and stores Personally Identifiable Information from Users, including minors. Athena’s does not knowingly collect, use, or disclose Personally Identifiable Information about students that are under 13 years of age outside of the bounds of COPPA. The Personally Identifiable Information that Athena’s collects includes first and last names, year of birth, gender, postal addresses, email addresses, virtual classroom material (including written text, photographs, audio files, or video files which may contain the student’s voice or image), and information included in the secured chat areas as well as messages to Athena’s personnel and community, when voluntarily submitted by students, parents, or legal guardians. Athena’s collects Personally Identifiable Information directly and voluntarily from its students that may contain personal or identifying information such as information voluntarily provided in the student’s profile, sent messages, assignment submissions, and uploaded photographs, audio files, or video files when participating in the Services at Athena’s.

    When a student participates in the Services at Athena’s, information about the student’s patterns of usage, IP address, browser type, session data, access times, and other information relating to usage, choices, and preferences are automatically gathered by Athena’s operating systems. Athena’s uses this information to maintain operations and service quality. Athena’s does not require a student to share any information beyond what is necessary to provide Athena’s Services to the student.

    How Athena’s will Use the Information Collected
    The student information submitted to Athena’s by students, parents, or legal guardians is only gathered in order for Athena’s to provide the most effective services, personalized experience, and avenues of communication with your student. Athena’s will disclose student Personally Identifiable Information with third parties who provide Services to Athena’s students. For example, Blackboard, Inc. provides Athena’s students with virtual classrooms and webinar rooms. Therefore, Athena’s provides Blackboard, Inc. with the necessary information they need so Athena’s students are able to use the virtual classrooms and webinar system. Athena’s will also disclose Personally Identifiable Information as required by law. Athena’s will not sell, trade, or share student’s Personally Identifiable Information outside of Athena’s without the express consent of the student and parent/legal guardian.
    For more information about Blackboard, Inc.’s Policies, please visit:

    Third Party-Minecraft™-Optional
    Students at Athena’s have the option to work and build with each other on Athena’s Minecraft™ servers. At parental discretion and if desired, parents or legal guardians may choose to submit their student’s Minecraft™ username to Athena’s. Submitting their student’s Minecraft™ username gives Athena’s the ability to include their student on the Athena’s Minecraft™ Servers. Athena’s is not able to add students to the Minecraft™ Servers without a Minecraft™ username. At parental discretion and if desired, parents or legal guardians are responsible for creating a Minecraft™ account for their student at Mojang, Minecraft’s parent company in order for students to participate on the Athena’s Minecraft™ Servers. Athena’s is not affiliated with Minecraft™ or their Privacy Policy. For more information about Mojang’s Policies, please visit:
    Athena’s is not compensated by Minecraft™. Any interaction of a student and/or their parent with Minecraft™ is solely at their own discretion and risk.
    Official notice, with formatting specified by Mojang, Minecraft’s parent company:


    Opting-Out of Providing the Requested Information
    The student’s Personally Identifiable Information we request from students, parents, and guardians is required for students to participate in Athena’s Services. At any time, students, parents, or legal guardians may revoke the consent to participate in Athena’s Services, have the student’s information deleted, and/or refuse to allow Athena’s to further collect information about the student. By not allowing Athena’s to gather or use student information, the student will either not be able to participate in Athena’s Services or the Services will be limited as a request to delete records may lead to a termination of an account and other services.

    Choices and Controls
    Students, parents, and legal guardians may update the student’s profile information by logging into their corresponding account. To request access to, change, or delete the personal information, Students, parents, or legal guardians must submit a written request by email to Admin@AthenasAcademy. Consent from a parent or legal guardian will be sought if the request comes from a student. A valid request with the understanding that students may not be able to participate in Athena’s Services to delete personal information will be accommodated within a reasonable time.

    Parental Consent
    As noted above, Athena’s needs your consent before we permit your child to use Athena’s services. You may provide your consent by completing and signing Athena’s COPPA Parental Consent on the Application for Athena’s Advanced Academy Form issued by Athena’s administration.

    If we do not receive your consent within a reasonable time, Athena’s will delete your online contact information from our records.

    More Information
    For more information about Athena’s Policies, please visit: Athena’s Privacy and Cookie Policy & Athena’s Non-Discrimination Policy
    For more information about Blackboard, Inc.’s Policies, please visit:
    For more information about COPPA, please visit: COPPA FAQ 

    Contact Us
    If you have any questions about Athena’s Advanced Academy’s COPPA Notice, please contact us at .