A Sage Survey of Math


    NEW Course! “For years I have heard about how math is “hard-to-understand” or “useless”, and I never really had a good answer. Yet as I stumbled deeper into the rabbit hole of real math, I realized how ultimately beautiful and useful deeper math is. However, too often, students never get a chance to see this because it’s “too hard”. In this course, we’re going to attempt to understand the mysteries of modern math together!”
    ~ Tanmay the Tinkerer



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    A Sage Survey of Math - Fractal pattern
    Junior InstructorTanmay the Tinkerer
    Content LevelsGrades 5-6 • Upper Elementary
    Course Length6 Weeks
    Live Webinars Held OnWednesdays, 11:00 - 11:50 AM Pacific - See below for webinar dates

    Are you tired of school math? Do you want to know what real math looks like?

    Over 6 weeks, we will be exploring real, useful fields of math like set theory, logic, and probability with the help of the software system SageMath. In this course, SageMath code will be used as an interactive way for students to look at mathematical patterns and understand how they work.

    We will begin with the simple concept of Venn diagrams and use them to understand everything from different sizes of infinity to how a computer works!

    This course will benefit any student (of any background) who has ever looked at a math textbook and thought, “why?”

    Course Webinar Dates:

    • Wednesday, June 14
    • Wednesday, June 21
    • Wednesday, June 28
    • Wednesday, July 5
    • Wednesday, July 12
    • Wednesday, July 19

    What to expect in the Required section in the classroom each week:

    • A homework sheet with a variety of interesting problems to think about during the week. Students do not need to solve any percentage of the problems, so long as they record their thought process and put in visible effort.
    • A discussion surrounding an interesting idea, problem, or event in the history of math, where students get the chance to interact with one another.

    What to expect in the Highly Suggested & Optional sections in the classroom each week:

    • SageMath widgets from the previous webinar for students to explore and use. Using these links require no experience at all.
    • Curated resources, including websites, videos, and games, are provided for interested students to delve even deeper to the concepts introduced each week.

    What to expect during the weekly webinar:

    • Weekly webinars are 50 minutes long. Webinars are recorded and are available for students with schedule conflicts.
    • Primary instruction introducing key concepts and guided discussion are provided during live webinars.
    • Active participation (via the microphone and chat) in online class discussions.
    • Activities and problems to be solved collaboratively by students will be given throughout the webinar.

    Before taking this course, students should be able to: 

    • Read at a solid 5th-grade level or above.
    • Handwrite / type at a 5th-grade level about how they solved problems.
    • Do arithmetic, fractions, and percents.
    • Recognize basic geometric shapes.
    • Understand the basic idea behind probability.

    Students should be willing to:

    • Complete and stay current on the required homework and discussions for the class.
    • Be comfortable reaching out via email when questions arise.
    • Be prepared for the webinar.
    • Actively participate (via the microphone or chat) during discussion.
    • Encourage class discussion by adding any questions / ideas (no matter how harebrained) in the chat window during the webinar.

    Required books & materials:

    • None. All resources will be online, and thus students will need access to the Internet.