Book Explorers – Fall


    “This course is amazing! The books are very fun to read. I also like that all the books assigned are all different. Thanks for a great course!” ~ Student Anelie


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    Open door into a book for Book Explorers course at Athena's Advanced Academy
    InstructorProf. Suki Wessling
    Content LevelsGrades 5-6 • Upper Elementary
    Grades 6-7 • Middle School
    Grades 7-8 • Junior High
    Course Length8 week course over 16 weeks
    Live Webinars Held OnThursdays, 2:00 - 2:50 PM Pacific - Meets twice per month - 8/17/23 - 12/16/23

    Book Explorers offers a flexible, fun environment for exploring, enjoying, and discussing books. We will focus on books that offer options for deep discussion but that are appropriate for all ages. We will read two books per month and meet to talk about the books twice monthly. Most books will be fiction but occasionally we will read narrative nonfiction works. We will make sure to explore a variety of books, from classics to recent publications, including all genres such as fantasy, mystery, science fiction, historical fiction, realistic fiction, and adventure.

    Students can enroll at any time for this semester-long class for an 8-week price! We realize that some students will only drop in for some of the books, while other readers will attend every time. Students may enroll in the course anytime in the semester.

    • Note: Students may re-enroll for this course as often as they’d like. Book choices are unlikely to be repeated.
    • Enrollment in this course is ongoing throughout the school year.
    “Ever since I joined the staff at Athena’s, I’ve wanted to lead a book club. I’m finally doing it! Our club will be all about celebrating the joy of reading, sharing old favorites, and exploring new books. I hope your avid readers will join us.” ~ Prof. Suki Wessling

    What to expect in the classroom:

    • Book titles will be announced at least a month in advance, giving students ample time to read the book, learn about the author, and explore subjects related to the book.
    • Students will be encouraged to interact on the forum and share their ideas.
    • Students will also be able to chat about other books and learn about the author and other subject matter related to the book.

    What to expect during the bi-monthly webinar:

    • Webinars are 50 minutes long. Webinars are recorded and are available when students miss a meeting.
    • Active Participation (via the microphone and chat) in online class discussions.
    • Students should be prepared to bring their own responses to and questions about the reading.

    Before taking this course, students should be able to: 

    • Read at a middle school level or above.
    • Write a few sentences independently.

    Students should be willing to:

    • Actively participate (via the microphone) in the class discussion.
    • Encourage class discussion by adding their questions/ideas in the chat window during the webinar.
    • Respond with positive and encouraging comments on their classmates’ posts in the classroom forums.

    Required books & materials:

    • Students will be required to access books via the library or purchase them.
    • Books will be announced at least one month ahead.
    • All other materials will be available online.