Mental Math C


    NEW Course! “Mental math tricks boost kids’ confidence, improve their memory, math logic, computation speed, problem solving, and so much more” ~Prof. Lidiya

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    InstructorProf. Lidiya Gettya
    Content LevelsGrades 5-6 • Upper Elementary
    Grades 6-7 • Middle School
    Course Length8 weeks
    Live Webinars Held OnTuesdays, 10:00 - 10:50 AM Pacific - Early Semester - 8/16/22 - 10/15/22

    This is the third course in a series of Mental Math classes.

    This course is for upper elementary and early middle school age students who completed Mental Math A and Mental Math B courses (Pre-test can be given to identify the student’s most appropriate placement). In Mental Math C, students will learn:

    • Dividing any number by a single digit divisor mentally
    • Quick mental manipulation of fractions
    • Multiplying and dividing decimals mentally
    • Speed math tricks of fractions with divisors ending in 9 and in 1
    • Checking answers with Digit Sums
    • Finding percentages of two and three digit numbers
    • Percentage increase and decrease and mental calculation of tips at the restaurant
    • Divisibility rule
    • The Osculation method

    Note to parents:

    • Students need to know their multiplication tables up to x12 & have full understanding of fractions, decimals, percentages and exponents in order to enroll in this class.

    What to expect in the Required section in the classroom each week:

    • Complete weekly practice assignments using class required app 
    • Complete worksheets in order to practice new learned skills during the webinar
    • Online practice games may be offered for additional practice during some weeks

    What to expect in the Highly Suggested & Optional sections in the classroom each week:

    • Videos and video tutorials about different mental math strategies
    • Additional optional practice sheets
    • Curated resources, including websites & videos, are provided to excite learners and to add depth to the subject matter, or just for fun.

    What to expect during the weekly webinar:

    • Weekly webinars are 50 minutes long. Webinars are recorded and are available for students with schedule conflicts.
    • Primary instruction and guided discussions are provided during live webinars.
    • Active Participation (via the microphone and chat) is expected.

    Before taking this course, students should: 

    • Know multiplication table up to 12
    • Have full understanding of fractions, decimals, percentages and exponents
    • Have completed Mental Math A and Mental Math B courses

    Students should be willing to:

    • Actively participate (via the microphone and chat) in the class discussion.
    • Encourage class discussion by adding their questions/ideas in the chat window during the webinar.

    Required books & materials: