Storytelling through Dungeons & Dragons – Junior Instructor – Early Semester


    “I created this course for writers, creators, and D&D players. My own passions for writing and D&D have always been a large part of who I am, and if you have an interest, you are welcome to join us!
    ~ Caroline the Caster



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    Gaming dice & book for Storytelling through Dungeons and Dragons course at Athena's Advanced Academy
    Junior InstructorCaroline the Caster
    Content LevelsGrades 6-7 • Middle School
    Grades 7-8 • Junior High
    Course Length8 Weeks
    Live Webinars Held OnThursdays, 3:00 - 3:50 PM Pacific - 1/19/23 - 3/18/23

    Hark! All Dungeon Masters, charismatic characters, and aspiring authors! This is the course for you.

    Together, over 8 weeks you will learn what makes Tabletop RPGs like D&D and Pathfinder so captivating, and how those systems tell such compelling stories. You’ll write an original outline for a campaign or the foundation for your short story or novel. By breaking down elements of storytelling piece by piece, your skills will improve, and you’ll get to create something of your very own.

    This course is meant for aspiring writers, dungeon masters, and creative storytellers of all kinds. Over the 8 weeks, each student will develop a fleshed-out foundation for a creative writing story or a Tabletop Role-Playing Game campaign. Each week will result in one facet of the foundation being completed. The weekly facets can range from the story structure to the villain themselves.

    What if I am a new player or writer? What if I am an experienced player or writer?

    • This course is meant for every level of TTRPG player and writer! Of course, a foundation of both may make the course’s concepts more accessible for the student, but it isn’t necessary for success. There’s a larger focus on what makes up a good story or campaign, less so about the experience making them.

    Note to Parents:

    • Most of the time, this course will require 2-3 hours of work outside of the webinar. It is important students have enough time to work so they can have a more rewarding learning experience.
    • Students will need to create an account on D&D Beyond, which requires an email address. No purchases are required.

    What to expect in the course:

    This course is based on the flipped classroom model, allowing for a more direct form of teacher-student feedback. This model requires students to complete the traditional lessons outside of class. The live webinars will include time to work with real-time assessment and feedback. Using a flipped classroom model gives a more collaborative and personal aspect to the writing process.

    In this course, students will watch instructor-created tutorial videos (approximately 5-15 minutes long) to learn about the weekly focus. The webinars will be used as a space to discuss examples, ideas, and questions.

    What to expect in the Required section in the classroom each week:

    • Participate in one forum post and respond critically to multiple classmates.
    • Watch one 5-15 minute Overview Video in preparation for the upcoming webinar.
    • Weekly check-in with the instructor with the overall portfolio pieces, ideas, and work for the student project.

    What to expect in the Highly Suggested & Optional sections in the classroom each week:

    • Curated resources, including websites & videos, are provided to excite learners and to add depth to the subject matter.
    • Instructor examples.

    What to expect during the weekly webinar:

    • Weekly webinars are 50 minutes long. Webinars are recorded and are available for students with schedule conflicts.
    • Active Participation (via the microphone and chat) in online class discussions.
    • An expectation for webinars is that students will have watched the Overview Videos (described above) before attending. During the webinar, base knowledge will rarely be reviewed.
    • Most weeks will include 15-20 minutes of time to work, bounce ideas off of each other, or ask questions of peers and the teacher.

    Before taking this course, students should be able to: 

    • Read at a solid 6th-grade level or above.
    • Have a working knowledge of the base mechanics of Dungeons and Dragons or another TTRPG.

    Students should be willing to:

    • Be prepared for the webinar (both by taking independent measures to prepare such as notes and by watching the weekly Overview Video).
    • Actively participate (via the microphone) in the class discussion.
    • Encourage focused class discussion both over the microphone and in the chat window.
    • Use the given work time to the fullest extent during class.
    • Respond with positive and encouraging comments on their classmates’ work and ideas.

    Required books & materials:

    • An account on D&D Beyond, which requires an email address, and no purchases are required.