One-on-One Tutoring with Prof. Patrick – Math


    “For some students, math class can be too boring and slow, but for others math can be too fast! Even though I love learning about math, I was usually bored in math class because we went through the same things over and over. No matter what pace your student learns at, we’ll delight in math together!” ~ Prof. Patrick



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    Tutoring with Prof Patrick - Math
    Novice EducatorProf. Patrick Stein
    Content LevelsGrades 6-7 • Middle School
    Grades 7-8 • Junior High
    Grades 9-10 • Lower High School
    Grades 11-12 • Upper High School
    Course Length8 hours
    Live Webinars Held OnPer family's schedule

    Have you been overwhelmed with dreary, repetitive practice problems?

    Math follows a very linear progression and it can be hard to make progress if some previous topics weren’t made clear. Everyone also has a different level of math knowledge and learns at their own pace. Unfortunately, some students can feel bored–or left behind–in math class because the class doesn’t match their pace of learning! Patrick is happy to help students learn and understand math at their own pace.

    Sometimes, math courses can go too fast for students to keep up. Because each topic will directly build on previous ones, learning can become stressful and overwhelming. Especially in high school or college-level education, learning math can become more about grades and tests than actually learning. Patrick’s goal is to make learning math less stressful and more fun by helping students work through problems at a comfortable pace and in an environment that is right for them.

    For some students, math courses can also become very slow and boring. Practice is essential for understanding math, but often students do unnecessary busywork when they already understand the underlying concepts! Instead of giving students excessive practice that doesn’t help them learn, Patrick will ensure that students get only as much practice as they need. Additionally, Patrick has completed a full calculus sequence and students are welcome to explore complex math with Patrick if desired.

    Questions? Feel free to reach out to the instructor: Prof. Patrick Stein

    What to expect during the tutoring webinar:

    • Weekly webinars are 60 minutes long.
    • During the webinar, your student receives one-on-one tutoring with the instructor. This may include discussing new material, working through practice problems together, and reviewing any troubling concepts.

    Tutoring Session Length: 

    • 8 hours

    Students should be willing to:

    • Be prepared for the webinar.
    • Actively participate via the microphone.
    • Finish assignments before the webinar so we can discuss them.
    • Maintain communication via email.