Happy Earth Month 2021!

    by Avalon Jade Theisen, Athena’s Instructor 

    My name is Avalon Jade Theisen, and I am an instructor here at Athena’s Advanced Academy. I have had a passion for environmental advocacy my whole life, which led me to found a small, environmental education, non-profit organization about 11 years ago and teach related topics within my classes.

    As you already know, the environment is incredibly important for humanity and the rest of the living community. The planet provides us with the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. Our shelter, clothes, and hobbies would also not be possible without natural cycles and natural resources. Essentially, our lives are sustained by the earth, and ecological stability is vital to the continuation of all life.

    Happy Earth Month at Athena's Advanced Academy.

    However, this stability is being threatened. The environmental crisis has included such varied threats as deforestation, intensive agriculture, and wasteful lifestyles. These threats have led to hazardous conditions, including issues like sea-level rise, erosion, climate change, species extinction, and various kinds of pollution (air, soil, and water). These threats negatively affect all life, human and non-human, as we are all connected.

    The good news? There are many positive ways to help!

    • Recycle, garden with native plants (window boxes, balconies, yards, or community space), and use reusables (bags, cups, straws, masks, napkins, etc.).
    • Turn off the water while you brush your teeth, take short showers, and turn off lights when not in the room.
    • Food can also be impactful! Most people eat 2-4 times per day, so there are many opportunities for improvement. Only put as much food on your plate as you are hungry enough to eat, and, when possible, eat more foods that are plant-based, local, or organic.
    • For birthdays and holidays, ask friends and family to donate to your favorite conservation organizations instead of giving physical gifts.
    All of these solutions are affordable and accessible. Almost anyone, of most ages, abilities, and economic standings, can do them to at least some degree.

    Remember, your actions, even if they seem small, add up! If everyone takes actions to help solve the problems, then combined, our actions add up to big, impactful, positive change. Every choice matters and makes a difference. We can reverse the environmental crisis if we all act.

    Be empowered to give back to the planet this Earth Day, Earth Month, and the rest of the year!

    “Prof.” Avalon Jade Theisen

    For 2021-22

    • Peacemakers Taking Action for Positive Change (fall)
    • World Religions & Sustainable Development (fall)
    • World Religions & Food (spring)
    • World Religions & Nature (spring)

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