He Stole the Mona Lisa!

    By Sirius P., Athena’s Student

    Sirius is taking classes with Dr. Kirsten and would like to share this creative video!

    Sirius says:

    “In this video, check out how Vincenzo Peruggia, a patriotic handyman and mandolin teacher stole the Mona Lisa directly from the Louvre in 1911! The theft transformed the Mona Lisa from an obscure work of art to the 9 million dollar superstar that the painting is today. Then, it stood in a gallery with many other arguably more impressive paintings. Now, tourists flock to see it, all wanting a picture with Leonardo Davinci’s masterpiece.

    This video was inspired by one of my favorite classes at Athena’s so far, the Story of Science [taught by Dr. Kirsten]. It’s fun to take a deep dive into the history of scientific achievements. This was made during the week we were talking about Leonardo Davinci. This video was especially fun to create since it involved a theft and…I made it as dramatic as possible.

    Be sure to click the photo below to watch the video on How a Guy Stole the Mona Lisa and Made it Famous.”

    Click on the photo below to see Sirius’s awesome video below. Amazing work, Sirius!

    Illustration depicting the Mona Lisa being taken.
    Click the photo to watch Sirius’s video about this newsworthy event!

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