Journey Toward Community

    by Dr. Kirsten L. Stein, Athena’s Founder

    In the newest edition of GHF Dialogue, Dr. Kirsten recently wrote about building community. In her submission, you will find more about the history of Athena’s and how we have grown into the community we are today.

    10th Anniversary Seal at Athena's Advanced Academy


    “As Athena’s has grown, our students have grown with us. It is so rewarding to watch friendships blossom as students connect in the social forums and through classes. Being able to learn and connect with like-minded peers who share a love of learning and have similar interests is an invaluable experience.”


    Remember, you are welcome at Athena’s!


    1. Dr. Kirsten’s open mind and open heart have created a place (Athena’s) that even the outliers of the gifted world feel comfortable and accepted. The instructors at Athena’s seem to have been hand-picked to reflect her values and warmth, which makes Athena’s a psychological haven for parents, too. Athena’s is not just a place to learn, but for inspiration and to grow and test your wings. I am forever grateful for this amazing community Dr. Kirsten has created!

      1. Thank you for your comment, Suanne. It is wonderful to know that we have helped you and your family. It means a lot to know that our presence is having such a positive impact. Thank you very much for posting!

      2. Your kind words mean so much to me, Suanne–more than you can imagine. It is humbling to know what a positive impact we are having in the gifted community. It has always been my desire to be able to help families like others helped me. It has been my pleasure to work with you and your student over the years. Thank you so much for being a part of Athena’s.

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