Minecraft Churchill Map Room

    by Ansley, Athena’s student

    Minecraft Churchill Map Room
    Minecraft Churchill Map Room by Ansley for History for Whovians

    Ansley is taking History for Whovians and would like to share this amazing creation!

    Click on the photo to see the detail & read about the project below.

    Thank you, Ansley!

    In my History for Whovians (spring) class, I spent a week learning about the Churchill War Rooms. I was inspired to re-create the map room in Minecraft.

    In the room, I built a messy table with five chairs around it. I did not include those in the picture, though, because I wanted to focus on the map.

    On the map, you can see a Starry Night dome that was inspired by that same history course (from Van Gogh Week), as well as a dragon-shaped island that I built for the Meteorology class at Athena’s.

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