Pen & Ink 2024 Calendar

    By Ayan Dharod, Athena’s Student

    Ayan is taking All Over the Map with Dr. Kirsten and would like to share this amazing creation!

    Check out Ayan’s description of the project below. Amazing work, Ayan!

    Ayan Dharod's pen and ink calendar for 2024.
    The cover photo of Ayan Dharod’s 2024 calendar with 52 pen and ink drawings!

    Here’s a description from Ayan:

    From the Artist’s Canvas

    What’s the first sight that comes in your mind when you hear Paris?
    For most, it’s the grand Eiffel Tower!
    What about India?
    Apart from all the languages and cultures, it surely is the Taj Mahal.

    But why?
    Why do only these monuments pop up, even though Paris and India are filled with many more
    equally grand structures?

    Monuments become icons … symbols that represent a place, alongside all its ethnic diversity, natural
    beauty and local people.
    Monuments have the power to leave a lasting impression in the minds of people.
    They give you something to cherish as you reminisce all that happened ‘back then’.

    To say ‘monuments have power’ is an understatement.
    That singular structure of steel, wood, stone, or marble … it bears the responsibility of being a
    collective representation of everything else the place has to offer.
    Some are remnants of a forgettable past, while others are bridges to an unimaginable future.
    Every monument has something to share – its own little story, waiting to be told!

    Just like any piece of art, every monument takes with it, a piece of its creator.
    At their core, they all are Human Wonders!

    From this line of thought came the first seeds of the 2024 Calendar – an endeavour inspired by the
    marvellous structures all around us!
    An aspiration to recreate the grandeur and grace of these monuments … through 52 pen-and-ink
    artworks hand-picked for their magnificent aesthetic diversity.

    Art is merely a medium of expression.
    These black-and-white reproductions attempt to do exactly that … become a portal, for the audience to experience it through their own senses.
    Thereafter it takes its own form based on individual interpretation and perception.
    Every monument would have a different meaning, emotion, connection: unique to each individual.
    A true showcase of the fluidity of all these marvels!

    It has been my attempt that every line, pattern, and empty space serves justice to these miraculous
    pieces of human history!

    I sincerely wish this calendar gives you something new to be in awe of … every day, every week,
    every month, all year round.

    With that, adieu – let’s together celebrate these Human Wonders!

    Ayan Dharod
    (Artist & Conceptualizer)

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