Student Project: Story of Science Newton Course

    By Athena’s Students

    Minecraft project from Story of Science: Newton
    Project created by two of Athena’s students for Story of Science: Newton at the Center!

    Two of Athena’s students in Dr. Kirsten’s Story of Science: Newton at the Center class created a Minecraft project together!

    Check out the video and description of their project below.

    Bravo, Scientists & Historians!

    Here’s a description from the creators:

    We built a lab called Newton Lab, we each did our part in it, For example, My Partner did some fact areas, and gave details about scientific history and elements, as well comparisons between Minecraft and real life. I built a meteor and a telescope and a constellation observation room.

    We had many things we had to overcome, such as working together, building the lab and separating the work, etc. I think the biggest problem was making time to do it, except we overcame that problem by scheduling beforehand, as well as doing 2-3 hour sessions. We also encountered different ways of doing things, like what to say, where to put things, what to do, etc. Despite that fact, we did a wonderful project, how? We split the work. Things we do ourselves, things we do together.

    This project was really fun to do, and it gave us a lot of time and space to fully absorb and display a lot of the things we learned from the Newton course.

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