The Redesign of Athena’s Quill

    by Marisa Katsianos, Athena’s Student 

    The Athena’s Quill, containing stories from the creative writing class students at Athena’s releases two issues per year. However, the Fall 2019 issue will be different than the rest, because the Athena’s Quill is being redesigned!

    Prof. Suki, the teacher of creative writing classes at Athena’s, says that in the new Athena’s Quill, each student who is contributing to the Quill will be able to design their own pages of text.  According to Professor Suki, “They have complete freedom to do whatever they’d like. For example, they could create a page of hand-drawn artwork with a poem hand-written on it. They could create a painting, take a photo of it, and include it in a document with the text of their story.” Prof Suki also says that the students will be able to create a page of text using whatever font they want. In other words, the students are free to be creative!

    Athena's Quill at Athena's Advanced Academy

    This new redesign to the Athena’s Quill will also impact the efficiency of organizing it for both teacher and students. The students will be able to use their imaginations to create a page that they would like to see with their story, and for Professor Suki, instead of having to lay out all the text and artwork for the journal will get to see all of the creative wonders that the students will post. The students will submit their pages, with their stories, and with their own personalized artwork, and Professor Suki will combine all the files into one downloadable document that will be posted into the Athena’s Quill Forum.

    The aspect of the Quill that will remain the same is the logo. Professor Suki says that until a better one is designed, the logo will stay in the Quill.

    The Quill’s Fall 2019 issue will be released as soon as webinars end. The direct link to the Athena’s Literary Journal Forum (where the Quill will be posted) can be found in the Social Forums.

    Students of Athena’s: Make sure to check out this Fall’s Quill and the creative designs that will be posted!

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