Welcome, Step-Net!

    On behalf of Athena’s, I am excited to welcome Step-Net to our online learning community! Athena’s Advanced Academy has established a co-operation with Step-Net, the Italian Gifted Association that supports the development and needs of high potential children in Italy. This September, gifted Italian students will take their first online courses at Athena’s. It is my honor to teach these first two courses that are offered for middle and high school Italian students entitled “The Inventor in You!

    Athena’s Advanced Academy and Step-Net were brought together by a shared philosophy. Both believe that all individuals have the right to be supported to better express their high learning potential and to contribute to the improvement of society. Based upon this common vision, I look forward to a collaboration of offering future online opportunities for gifted children in Italy and to our learning from one another.

    ~ Dr. Monita

    Step-Net - Athena's Advanced Academy
    CTS Gifted - Athena's Advanced Academy


      1. Thank you, Silvia!!
        We are really excited as well! The first class was today and it was a great success! 🙂

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