Southern California Shell Guide

    By Kai S., Athena’s Student

    Kai is taking Scrutinizing Shells with Prof. Emma and would like to share this amazing creation!

    Check out Kai’s description and the project linked below. Bravo, Kai!

    Photo linking to Kai's Shell Guide
    Southern California Shell Guide Project created by Kai S. for Scrutinizing Shells with Prof. Emma!

    Here’s a description from Kai:

    “For this project, I collected shells from various beaches across the Southern California
    Coastline during low tides and high tides. After collecting, I began to investigate and identify
    these shells, using books and guides which I list at the end of my project. I divided the shells I
    found into four groups: Bivalves, Snails, Arthropods, and Worms. I was also able to find sea
    urchin tests, although they are not listed in the guide. After dividing them into groups, I focused
    on describing the basic anatomies of each of them. I describe each shell by using taxonomical
    descriptions, common and scientific names, overall description, size, habitat and range.

    I found some of these shells to be quite challenging to identify, although I used reliable guides
    do base my information. I was also surprised to find that there are very few shell guides which
    focus on Southern California. I found this project to be very enjoyable and I plan to continue on
    expanding my guide. ”

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